I am a student and photographer based in Cambridge. I picked up a small point-and-shoot digital camera in 2007 and have been taking photos ever since.

The Kaiser Chiefs at o2 Wireless (2007)

The Kaiser Chiefs at o2 Wireless (2007)

Peak District (2010)

Peak District (2010)

The left-hand image is my first ever live music photograph: the Kaiser Chiefs at o2 Wireless Festival in 2007. Music photography was how I learned a lot about composition, and there are many examples in my portfolio pages. More recently, I have learned documentary-style event photography and portraiture. I am always open to trying new ideas - landscape photography is something that I rarely try, but a weekend in the Peak district with a cheap point-and-shoot camera produced the image above (right).


The Hermitage (Winter Palace), St. Petersburg (2011)

The Hermitage (Winter Palace), St. Petersburg (2011)

Events and Parties

Events and parties are the perfect mix of documentary work and portraiture. Photographing at small family events and large weddings, I am used to a range of sizes, and am comfortable working in the pressured event environment, ensuring I capture the atmosphere of the event.

Live Music

Festivals, gigs, acoustic sets and orchestral concerts. I have a long history of live music work. I have photographed ten festivals and countless bands. I have also produced written reviews to accompany my work, I learned a lot about quick turn-around times from live music photography.

Caius College, Cambridge - Lents Boat Club Dinner 2014

Caius College, Cambridge - Lents Boat Club Dinner 2014


Portraiture is my favourite genre. It is a chance to reflect a person in an image, and a good portrait takes skill. I have worked with both individuals and groups and enjoy any setting. I am always looking for new subjects.


Photographing cycling races, the Tour of Britain, the London Marathon and the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race has given me a chance to document fast-moving events, and to learn photojournalism.



Travelling abroad to New York, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rome, Athens and others has helped me to learn landscape and street photography styles central to the concept of 'travel' photography today.


I enjoy working for charities, shooting formal portraits at their events and documenting fundraising events. Being able to help raise money through producing photographs is always a rewarding opportunity.



Concerts, weddings, sports, parties, festivals, charity events, May balls and more.



My blog is where I develop my opinions on photography and current affairs. 

I also enjoy design and print work, and there's a few examples at this link.

I try and photograph as much as possible in my day-to-day life, posting on my Instagram page.

The Gentlemen of St. John's, Cambridge